Affordable & Energy Efficient Cooling Solution

It’s shaping up to be a hot summer on the Gold Coast with temps reaching over 30 degrees last week! Now is the time to start thinking of upgrading your cooling to be energy efficient and cost-effective. And although we all love our air conditioners in QLD, we can’t forget the ceiling fan which is perfect for those in between times, overnight or to make the most of your air con. Read on to find out why the ceiling fan is a must in all Gold Coast homes.

Research has shown that ceiling fans are actually one of the most energy efficient cooling options on the market, costing only around 2c an hour to run while an air conditioner costs 50c an hour. It has even been found that fans can reduce your electricity bill in summer by up to 46%!

The wind chill of the great ceiling fans we supply keeps you about as cool in 27 degrees as you are in 24 degrees without the fan even running. This means that you can make your thermostat 3 degrees higher, which would save you a truckload on your cooling expenses without you having to forgo comfort.

Here are the key benefits of getting us to install a ceiling fan for you:

  • Reduce cooling (and even heating) cost
  • Can be fitted with energy efficient globes (LED & CFL)
  • Modern look with effective air flow
  • Use only about 2% of the electricity that an air conditioner uses
  • Can make you feel around 8 degrees cooler
  • Combining the use of the air conditioner and your fan can improve the air conditioner’s efficiency


Our fans come with up to a 3-year warranty and are only of the highest quality. If you would like more information or want to know about our current special on ceiling fans, speak to AMP’D Electrical and Solar, your number 1 Gold Coast electrician.

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