Celebrate Gold Coast Tradies on National Tradesmen Day

Electricians, plumbers, welders, dry wall installers, framers, masons, carpenters, auto mechanics and more. We see them all around us, every single day. They are our nations REAL working hands. Whether grizzled veterans or young apprentices just learning the trade, these men and women work in the toughest, most unforgiving conditions – often with no break room in sight!

The job gets done in the mud and muck, unbelievable heat and rain, or under a kitchen sink. The job gets done with bare hands – rough hands with swollen joints, blisters as big as Texas, grease stained fingers, and calluses. These are working hands – REAL WORKING HANDS!

Professional tradesmen are the backbone of our great nation. And to all of these men and women who use their hands to keep our country running strong, we would simply like to say THANKS.

So here’s to the hands that build our country and keep it going strong. They may not be pretty, but they sure make us proud!

Celebrate your local Gold Coast Tradies on Friday 18th September 2015.

For more information visit http://www.irwin.com/nationaltradesmenday

 “The Hands that Build Australia and Keep it Running Strong.”

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