DIY vs. Unlicensed Handyman vs. Qualified Electrician

Leading up to end of financial, some Gold Coast residents start trying to save costs where they can by doing DIY work or hiring an unlicensed electrician / handyman from local Facebook groups and Gumtree. But when it comes to electrical maintenance for your home, cheap does not always mean cheaper!

Did you know your house is not covered by insurance if you do any DIY electrical work or use an unlicensed tradesperson? It is also extremely unsafe for the person carrying out the work as they potentially risk contact with electricity. You can read more about the dangers of DIY electrical work here.


unqualified electrical work

The safest and best option is to always hire a qualified electrician with the correct licenses and insurance. What’s more, a lot of serious contractor-related problems can be avoided just by doing the bit of research noted below.

  1. Check their licenses! If you are running an electrical business or sub contracting you must have an electrical licence and contractors licence. If you offer any type or solar services you must have your CEC accreditation. If you offer any type of air conditioning services you must have an ARC license. These LICENCE NUMBERS MUST BE DISPLAYED ON ALL ADVERTISING. Never hire an unlicensed contractor or electrician in any capacity. It may look like a good deal, but it may end up costing you more than the extra money in the end. Unlicensed contractors have not taken any kind of exam to be assured they have the knowledge to perform the type of work you may need done. You can check their licence here.
  2. Check their insurances – If they have nothing to hide, they will be more than happy to show you this.
  3. Ask for a safety certificate – Only a fully qualified and insured electrical contractor, will be able to provide this and guarantee their work.
  4. Ask what kind of work the electrician has done in the past. Have they been in business long, have they just returned from the mines, do they actually work for someone else? It is usually a pretty good indication of what you should expect.
  5. What are the electrician’s concerns as you speak with them about your project? Are they concerned about what you are trying to accomplish on your project? Are they up front and confident about pricing? You need to make sure you trust that the electrician cares about your needs and the needs of your property.

At AMP’D Electrical & Solar, all of our electricians are fully licensed, insured and qualified, and our work comes with a guarantee. Our licence details are listed below.

QLD LIC NO: 77684

NSW LIC NO: 293834C

CEC Accreditation No: A7252970

ARC LIC NO: L115065

At the end of the day, your home is one of your biggest investments and it should be left in the right hands. Hire a qualified, licensed and reliable Gold Coast electrician. You can contact AMP’D Electrical & Solar on 07 5522 5222 or at, and read more about the electrical services we provide here.

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