Preparing for the Gold Coast Storm Season

After the recent storms that hit Brisbane and the Gold Coast, it is time to prepare for what is shaping up to be a nasty storm season.

Here are our top tips for keeping your family and your home safe this storm season.

1.       Unplug appliances before the storm hits

If you know a storm is imminent, it’s a good idea to unplug appliances such as computers, kettles, TVs and DVD players.

2.       Never attempt to do your own electrical work

Electricians need to study for years before they are qualified to do electrical work. Under no circumstances should you attempt to fix electrical problems yourself – doing so would put your own life or your family’s lives at risk. Always call a licensed electrician such as any member from the Amp’d Electrical and Solar team.

Also, if your power hasn’t come back on after a blackout but everyone else’s has, it could be an Energex problem. You can contact them on 13 62 62.

3.       Stay away from fallen power lines

This is an obvious one that is constantly emphasised. Not only is it critical to keep away from a fallen power line if you come across one, it is important to remember that they can be concealed by trees and other debris. We highly recommend staying inside and waiting for help rather going outside to have a look at the damage yourself.

4.       Have surge protection installed

Lightning can instantly destroy your electronic devices leading to headaches and wasted money. Investing in a surge protector will keep your appliances and wiring safe from voltage surges such as a lightning strike. Ask us about having surge protection installed in your switchboard to keep all of your appliances intact.

5.       Test your safety switch

Safety switches minimise the risk of electric shocks, injuries, deaths and electricity-related fires. It is a legal requirement for all new homes to have safety switches protecting all power points and lighting circuits. Make sure you test your home’s safety switch regularly, especially leading up to the storm season.

Find out how to test your safety switch by watching this video posted by the Government of South Australia.

If you would like further tips on keeping safe this storm season, please do not hesitate to contact us on 07 5522 5222 or email us at Let’s hope the Gold Coast gets a nice amount of rain to cure those dry lawns and that the storms are kept to minimum this summer.

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