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I have circuit breakers installed in my switchboard already. Do I need a safety switch?

Yes. A circuit breaker is designed to protect the cables & accessories installed in your premises only. A safety switch is designed to protect you, your family and employees should a fault arise. Your licenced Amp’d Electrical and Solar electrician can install one of these for you. It is also a good idea to have your safety switch tested every 3-6 months.

I have completed some electrical work myself and was wondering if you can come around and certify it for me?

NO! It is illegal to do your own electrical work and is not advisable due to the many risks that are present when working with electricity. Always use a licensed electrician.

Why are double adapters so bad?

Double adapters used to piggy back a number of electrical items from one power point can overload and short circuit the outlet and possibly cause a fire. A better alternative is to use an approved power board with a reset switch or have more power points installed by a licensed electrician.

Should I use an Electrician for my renovation?

Statistics have shown that most electrical fatalities and injury are recorded as being home handy men and during home renovation. For not only your own, but your family’s safety it’s best to contact a licensed electrician to complete the works for you. A good electrician can also advise on a lot of aspects that may have been overlooked in the initial planning stages.This can in turn create a higher return on investment. i.e lighting design, efficient products. 

Should I switch my pool to an off peak tariff?

With current incentives in place offering $200 cash back for switching your pool to an off peak tariff, its never been a better time to do it. However with the ever changing electricity prices, solar and tariffs its best to Contact Us beforehand. We can advise the best, most efficient electrical system setup for your home or office.

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