It’s Storm Season – Is Your Solar Safe and Maintained?

With more than one in five regional Queensland residential houses now utilising a solar PV system, safety and maintenance is a must, especially during our unpredictable storm season.

Solar PV systems are just like many other electrical appliances and installations – they require maintenance and checks to ensure they are working to their best capacity. Of course, this maintenance needs to be conducted by a licensed, insured and CEC accredited electrician and should not be attempted by anyone without an electrical license.

During regular cleaning of panels, our solar PV system checks include:

  • Checking panels for damage, discolouration or other defects
  • Checking supporting frames are secure
  • Visually checking fittings and cables at the panels and inverter to see if they are secure
  • Checking the inverter display panel for recorded faults
  • Ensuring emergency procedures for shut down are clearly displayed
  • Clearing any contamination or debris from inverter cooling vents
  • Ensuring clear access to isolator switches

Solar panels are an investment worth protecting. You want to make sure they are performing to the highest standard, which can only be achieved if they are looked after. Further wild storms are also predicted for the Gold Coast, meaning it has never been more important to ensure your solar system is in check.

If you would like to read more about maintenance and checks on solar PV systems, there is extensive information on the Queensland Worksafe website.

Also, if you think your system may have been installed with a direct current (DC) isolator, please click here as many DC isolators are now prohibited or have been recalled due to overheating and in some cases, causing fires.

Source: Ergon

AMP’D Electrical and Solar offers a full maintenance, checking and cleaning service of solar PV systems. If you would like a free quote, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0475 415 414 or email us at

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