New Home Electrical & Lighting

New Home Electrical & Lighting

New Home Electrical & Lighting is something that is often overlooked. Your home’s lighting and electrical design plays a vital role in the planning stages of any new home or renovation. Without the correct planning and design, your bright bold modern space may end up dark and patchy with poor concentration of light and power in the areas required.

A well designed new home electrical & lighting plan can make the world of difference. The first thing you need to consider in lighting design is function. The lighting in your home should allow you to go about your everyday routine and keep your rooms well lit. Lighting should also add flare by highlighting decorative objects, changing the mood of certain rooms and increasing the perceived size of smaller rooms. When the correct balance of design is achieved through careful planning, your work and living spaces become functional, practical and usable.

As with all projects, correct planning of your home’s electrical system is required to deliver all the power, lighting and mod cons you need in the safest way possible. Once the walls are up, alterations become more difficult and the key elements of your electrical design can be lost. This is why it is very important to plan this out thoroughly, prior to commencement of the build. You will want to consider factors such as the placement of outlets, light fixtures, switches, and hard-wired appliances. Many decisions will depend on how you intend to use each room, and where items like furniture, appliances, and electronics will be located.

The ultimate goal of a well planned lighting and electrical design is safety, comfort, easily controlled and energy efficient.

Some of the services we offer for new home developments include:

Our ultimate goal is to work together with you to help make your vision become a reality. We will consult with you to plan, design and install a customised electrical system for your home. One that is practical, flexible and in line with your lifestyle and current trends. As energy efficiency is one of our core focuses, solar power, LED lighting and battery storage is also an option.

Why not let us take the some stress out of your new project and talk to your us about lighting and electrical design! If you are planning on building a new home and wish to speak with a qualified, licensed Master Electrician, contact AMP’D Electrical & Solar on (07) 5522 5222 or email us at



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