Energy Saving Consultations – Find Out How You Can Save Big

No doubt you have recently received another power bill and are in shock with the price. There have been several price rises in electricity, and most recently the carbon tax repeal.

This has dropped the tariffs slightly, however we are still paying 60% more per day just to have electricity at our properties! We regularly get enquiries on how customers can save on their power bill. Why not book one of our Energy Saving Consultations customised to your home and usage utilising AMP’D Electrical and Solar’s unique cost comparison. For $99 this includes:

  • Complete check of your switchboard to test for any appliances that may be causing unnecessary usage.
  • Check what (if any) tariffs you have and if you can benefit from re-arrangement of your metering.
  • Provide you with energy saving tips and advice to help minimise your bills.
  • Advise as to which electricity retailer you could possibly gain the greatest savings from with our unique cost comparison.

We specialise in energy efficiency and can supply and install a range of products that will lower your usage. If you are interested in this service or would like more information, on energy saving solutions for your home or office, please get in touch with us on 07 5522 5222.


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