Smart Home Automation with AMP’D

With some amazing products being released into the market for smart home automation, the time has come to automate your Gold Coast home or office affordably. The latest products allow automation to be installed at a fraction of the cost compared to older and now outdated automation products.

Smart home products will control lighting, blinds, power points, garage doors, appliances and heating and cooling products. The user can create scenes, control lighting without being home, turn on and off power points and create an amazing experience for themselves and their guests. Easily integrated with your existing smart home products such as EchoAlexaPhilips Hue and Google Home, AMP’D Electrical & Solar can help bring your home to life.

Smart Home Automation gives you the opportunity to make your home efficient, by controlling your LED lights and turning them off when the kids leave them on. Making your home more secure, you put your LED lights on timers or switch them on while your away on holidays from your phone. Most of all it will make a great talking point with friends with entertainment.

With many products hitting the market, our Gold Coast Electrician teams have been working with several products to help you choose the correct smart home automation product for your space. From Bluetooth to Wifi and even voice control, let our team of experts install and program these exciting products to bring your home to life. All products have different limitations therefore different price points. Depending on your budget and requirements, AMP’D Electrical can design a system to meet your requirements and budget.

Find out more on our Smart Home Automation page or Contact us to discuss the possibilities for your next automation project.

Your Lights, Your Switches, Made Smart.

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