Storm Season – Be Safe, Be Ready!

Storm season has arrived early on the Gold Coast, be safe, be ready!

Here are our storm season safety tips:

  • Please ensure your home is protected by a safety switch. This has been compulsory in QLD since 1992, however you would still be surprised that some homes do not have one. Even safer again, is to have RCD protection on every circuit. If you’re unsure, please take a photo of your switchboard and email to us. Your switchboard may need upgrading, especially if you notice ceramic fuses or no safety switch.
  • If you have your own property pole, please get in contact if your property pole requires maintenance or replacement.
  • Also for those that have back up generators, ensure they have been tested recently and are installed correctly.

Get in touch if you would like further information on safety switches, switchboard upgrades, property poles or generators.

If you require emergency electrical assistance please contact AMP’D Electrical & Solar or if is regarding network damage/outage please contact Energex.

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