The Best Split System Air Conditioning

As a premium supplier and installer of split system air conditioning, AMP’D Electrical & Solar is proud to offer you the very best in aircon technology.

Split system air conditioning delivers a comfortable, warm and cosy experience to every homeowner during winter, while bringing complete freshness all day and night over the long summer.

Can’t stand the idea of sweltering through another summer without air conditioning on the Gold Coast? Do you need split system for your home or business? Are you unsure of where to start? Here is an explanation that may help you decide:

What is Split System Air Conditioning? 

A split system air conditioning system is comprised of two parts – one inside, and one outside the house. The outside unit holds all the elements that get hot while the inside unit contains the parts which are cool, like the blower. This ‘split’ helps to ensure that heat is kept outside of the building and makes the aircon system more efficient.

How Does a Split System Air Conditioner Work?             

A split system air conditioner uses gas as a refrigerant. It is compressed, cooled and used to reduce the temperature of the warm air which enters the system from the room. The now cooled air is then sent back into the room by the system’s fan. The split system air conditioner continues to cool the air until the entire room meets the desired temperature set by the thermostat. Which you control from your remote.

Why Buy Split System Air Conditioners on the Gold Coast? 

There are considerable benefits to using a split system air conditioner over a ducted system. Some of these include:

  • Targeted cooling which increases efficiency – Installing multiple indoor units enables users to choose which rooms to cool, meaning you’ll save electricity on rooms or zones that don’t need cooling.
  • Heat stays outside – Split system air conditioning prevents heat from escaping into the room and counteracting the air conditioning.
  • Reduced energy costs – Unlike ducted systems, where there is a vast opportunity for heat to escape, split system air conditioners lose very little heat, which increases efficiency and lowers costs.
  • A large compressor cools a more extensive area – Window units and other similar air conditioning systems are limited by their compressor size. Split systems, however, can have a huge compressor which can cool bigger rooms or even multiple rooms.
  • Buying a split system is more affordable than ducted and you can add on to the system as your budget allows.
  • If one unit requires repair, the others continue working and repair costs are lower and replacement costs are lower.

AMP’D Electrical & Solar has years of experience installing air conditioning systems. We have a reputation for putting in the extra time and effort to ensure that every installation not only works great, but also looks immaculate too.

To find out more about split system air conditioning installation costs and the large range of brands we supply, please contact us.

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