The Solar Rebate That’s Not a Rebate Explained

If you buy a solar system today, it is subsidised by a government scheme worth about $700 per kW installed. That’s around $3,500 off a typical 5kW system, which is usually applied at the point of sale. However, you may have heard talk recently of this scheme being under threat by a government review.

Thankfully, this review has passed and the government has decided to keep the scheme in place until at least May 2017. But what most people aren’t aware of is that the dollar value of this ‘solar rebate’ could plunge at any time over those 2 years. Why? Because the system is designed to self-regulate.

To make things more confusing, the current ‘rebate’ for anyone buying a solar system of up to 100kW is called an STC (Small-scale Technology Certificate), which the government says should not be called a ‘solar rebate’. What they are trying to get across is that the thousands of dollars you get off your solar system price (usually by assigning the rights to its STCs to your installer) do not actually come from the government. It is a government scheme, but it compels other people to buy your certificates. So it is a government run scheme, using other people’s money.

Nonetheless, the financial incentive subsidises the upfront cost of installing a solar power system, and there are only a few criteria for claiming it.

1) Your system must be less than 100kW in size.

2) You must get it installed and designed by a Clean Energy Council accredited professional.

3) You must use panels and inverters that are approved for use in Australia by the Clean Energy Council.

Source: Solar Quotes

This solar incentive still provides a great saving for consumers at the outset. If you would like to help stop the government from scrapping this incentive, there are petitions that you can sign to show your support.

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