Winter Energy Efficient Heating & Safety Tips

Winter Energy Efficient Heating & Safety Tips

The days have been beautiful and sunny this winter on the Gold Coast, with only chilly nights and mornings. This is the time of year when most people run up their electricity bill with the high cost of heating. However there are cost-effective, energy saving and environmentally friendly ways of staying warm during winter.

Energy Efficiency

Reduce your power bill and help save the environment by simply:

  • Layer up and put on warm clothing.
  • Add a few blankets on your bed.
  • Block drafts in your home and close off the rooms you’re not using.
  • Raise the blinds and use natural sunlight to warm the room.
  • Install energy efficient heating such as reverse cycle inverter air conditioner. They are the safest and most efficient form of heating.
  • Run your reverse cycle air-conditioner at 18 degrees. It’s the most energy efficient temperature for cool weather. Also utilise the timer function to save even more.

Handy Winter Safety Tips

If the drop in temperature has you reaching for a heater during June to August, take a few minutes to read our electrical safety tips.


  • Test your smoke alarms regularly and have plenty of them. Early warnings could save you.
  • Change the batteries every year. Stick to a regular date like 1 April or Christmas Day.

Clothes Dryer

  • Every time you use it, clean the filter. Built up lint can catch fire.


  • Don’t piggyback cords on double adaptors or power boards. Overheating could damage your equipment.
  • Never run extension cords under carpets or rugs. Heat build-up and friction could cause a fire.

Electric Blankets

  • Store it safely, always roll the blanket. Folding can damage elements.
  • Turn off at the power point before getting into bed. Overheating could cause a fire.


  • Have an evacuation plan prepared and practiced in case of a fire.


  • Check the power cord and reflectors. Rust and frayed cords can cause a fire.
  • Don’t dry your clothes on an electric heater. Water and electricity don’t mix.
  • Don’t leave heaters in places where they can be knocked over by people or your pets.
  • Turn off heaters before you go to bed or when you leave a room or the house.

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